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What would you consider as worthy for VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED content? (esp. lots of blood or gore beyond the most nightmarish degree)

I pose this inquiry because I'm in the middle of updating my personal blog which features a mass of my portfolio. To my defense, I do censor a lot of the cursing. However the gore, frightening images, and ideological sensitive material has regrettably upgraded in my newest drafts.:P Even though I toned down the cursing in my newest comics and the heroes have become more heroic(per say... erm 'violently heroic' when necessary), I'm afraid that the enemies have become more foul. This might cause a bit of a fiasco with a few teens and young adults who have strictly moral parents, but I'd hate to label my stuff as "mature" if it really does not call for it.

My blog will have EVERYTHING from my portfolio in it... so that means some of the "contented" labeled pieces I have here will be unlabeled in the blog itself. Yum.

So I figured before I let my over-compulsive personality get the better of me, I thought it best if I did the smartest thing of all... and ask you guys for an expert opinion of what you think you would feel is more professional--since I lack the title--:

Labeling discretionary content on something that is obviously not very discretionary, or no warning on something that might be a little on the graphic side(only a little, I promise!)? 
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